AAMP 2022

Product Spotlight

Heavy Duty Lug Dollies

Model # 93136

Heavy Duty Lug Dollies are used for transporting a high volume of material at one time. They are ideal for bulk food transport.

Freezer Trucks

Model # 1271

Freezer Trucks are designed to hold 17″W x 28″L wire freezer baskets and boxes. They are equipped with four 5″ plate type casters.

Narrow Stock Trucks

Model # 53313A

Capable of holding five hand truck loads worth of product, this versatile picking cart comes equipped with several features to maximize efficiency!

Dunnage Racks & Dunnage Rack Covers

Model # 2017 (Rack)

Heavy Duty Dunnage Racks are all-welded and build to last. They are great for keeping product organized and off the floor.

Model # 51101 (Cover)

Dunnage Rack Covers are removable sheets with raised tread and perforated tops that nest over dunnage rack frames. 

Lug & Store Carts

Model # 53658

Lug & Store Carts have open bases making them easy to clean. Empty totes can be stored underneath, while the handle and 8″ casters allow for effective transportation.

Bob Brackle

National Sales Manager / Material Handling

Phone: 402.990.7774

Email: [email protected]

BJ Randall

Assistant National Sales Manager / Material Handling

Phone: 972-971-6553

Email: [email protected]