“Build Your Own” Picking Carts


New Age “Build Your Own” Picking Carts offer a lightweight and flexible system that fits your unique needs in any environment. Starting with three T-Bar base unit options, any combination of posts and 24” adjustable shelving can be used. The base units come stocked with two rigid and two swivel casters. An option for two additional swivel casters is available.

Bio Barrier


Bio Barriers are ideal for assembly line operations since they provide a sanitary barrier between workers. Simply place a clear bag over the rust proof aluminum frame and dispose of the bag between shifts. The aluminum frames can be power washed for easy cleaning.

Ladder Carts


Ladder Carts are a perfect solution for manual picking operations. The Ladder Carts include shelf lips on all sides to contain product. The spring-loaded ladder has full contact, rubber stops to limit movement while on the ladder. The extended push handle is a real shin saver, and the continuous grip handle is designed for ascending and descending on the ladder.

Tube Frame Pallets


Tube Frame Pallets have a unique design that allows for four-way entry. They are built from lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum.

FDA Channel Pallets


All welded Channel Pallets are an FDA acceptable design that allows for easy and thorough cleaning. These pallets are also nestable or stackable for proper storage.

Bob Brackle

Sales Manager / Material Handling

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BJ Randall

Assistant Sales Manager / Material Handling

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