Product Spotlight

Slanted Picking Cart

Model # DWG50548

Designed for easy maneuvering through tight spaces and aisles, this narrow cart is equipped with a fifth caster, centered for zero-radius turns.

"Build Your Own" Picking Cart

Model # 50311

Custom Picking Carts designed by YOU! Comprised of adjustable shelving, these carts can be modified at any time.

Ladder Cart

Model # 99640

Built with user safety as a top priority, this three-step ladder cart features a continuous-grip extended handle and spring-loaded, full contact ladder stops.

Parts Cart

Model # DWG53293

Dual-Sided Parts Cart with large shelves on one side and small bins on the other; keeps service parts easy to organize, find, and access. Equipped with a writing ledge, RFID holder, mounted clipboard, and dual-grip handles – creating the optimum workspace.

Inventory Platform

Model # DWG51901

Designed for easier inventory management in material handling warehouses.

Slanted Picking Cart

Model # DWG51501

Designed to be used with Pick to Light technology, this cart is customizable to fit your specific tote sizes and requirements.

Transport Cart

Model # DWG52747

Customer-designed, custom-made transport cart with fold-up divider arms and a rubber mat to reduce noise.

Towable Parts Cart

Model # DWG52449

Designed to a customer’s specifications, this towable parts cart features shelves that are easily added, removed, and repositioned for maximum versatility. Equipped with rubber mats to secure parts during transit and reduce noise or unwanted shifting.

6-Lug Cart

Model # 1263

Uprights are constructed of heavy-duty, ergonomic “D” tube that provides strength and durability but is easy on operators’ hands.

Order Picker Platform

Model # 99664

Order Picker Platforms feature a mobile platform for “Put or Pick” of larger bulk or case goods.

Foot Activated Dispenser

Model # 53200

Foot-Activated Sanitation Stands are 100% touchless and hands free.

Picking Platform

Model # DWG53526R

Three ways to move! This model includes our optional tow package with tow hitch and a tow pin that allows multiple units to be linked together, like a train. Outfitted with heavy-duty casters; two rigid-style for maintaining a straight line and two swivel for turning or maneuvering.

3-Tier Picking Cart

Model # DWG99171

This Picking Cart features slanted shelves that provide an unobstructed view of items in both the front and the back, compared to level shelves.

Picking Pole

Model # 51797

Designed to easily hook and pull boxes within reach. 30” Long with double handles for precise control.

Pick-to-Light Cart

Model # DWG52092

The ultimate cart for pick to light operations! Equipped with channel that holds the light bars, integrated battery and signal mounts.

Robotics Pod

Model # DWG53597

Custom designed to hold the product you need to move. This cart gives you an idea of what New Age can do for your fulfillment center. Large upper bay for bulk items. Nince, 15″ x 19″ bins. Two 45″ x 19″ solid shelves with sides. Your imagination is the limit!

Picking Platform

Model # DWG51474R

Adaptable for maximum picking capabilities and increased efficiency, this picking platform features three adjustable shelves.

Aluminum Pallet

Model # 99557

Designed specifically for FDA registered/compliant facilities, these pallets provide smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.

Tube-Frame Pallet

Model # 99613

Constructed of primary grade aluminum, all seams fully welded and sealed. Perfect for wet or damp environments.

18x18 Pallet w/ Strap Base

Model # DWG53095

Design a custom pallet to meet YOUR needs with our 18″ x 18″ strap base pallet.

18x18 Pallet w/ Perf Cover

Model # DWG53096

Foru-way pallet with perimeter base support. Removable, perforated cover is 1/8″ thick.

Rivet Pallet

Model # DWG52136

Designed to secure machinery that requires frequent movement, includes threaded rivets to bolt equipment to the pallet. 

Narrow Stock Truck

Model # 53313A

The only zero turn delivery truck that folds (down) for space-saving storage when empty. One load is equivalent to FIVE hand truck loads!

Ladder Cart

Model # DWG53266

Designed specifically for a high volume retail warehouse, this two-tier, two-step ladder cart features an ergonomic handle for easy ascending and descending.

Picking Platform

Model # DWG53570

Designed to organize and store packages before loading the entire unit onto a truck.

Bob Brackle

National Sales Manager / Material Handling

Phone: 402.990.7774


BJ Randall

Assistant National Sales Manager / Material Handling

Phone: 972-971-6553