Frequently Asked Questions about Dunnage Racks

Dunnage Racks are one of the oldest and most frequently used products in the foodservice industry. Although they have been around for a very long time, people still have questions about them. Let’s dive into the most common questions asked about dunnage racks.

What are dunnage racks?

Dunnage Racks are low to the ground, durable racks that keep items such as food off the floor in walk-ins, pantries, and storage rooms. Health Codes typically require items to be stored at least 6 inches above the ground. This helps to prevent contamination from dirt and damage from events such as floods. This also allows floors to be properly cleaned underneath the racks, without contacting the items being stored. Dunnage racks help you organize and store product safely and efficiently, making sure you get the most out of your space.

What are dunnage racks used for?

Most commonly, dunnage racks are used to store large, bulky items that range from bags of flour, rice, or potatoes to canned goods and big boxes. They are primarily used to hold food and other edible items. Because they are vented with slats, they work well for storing produce and other perishables in walk-in coolers and/or freezers.

Can you stack dunnage racks?

For “dunnage” in more than one tier, we recommend our heavy-duty shelving that has a large weight capacity and horizontal tubing like dunnage racks. This is more stable and prevents racks from slipping or falling into slats when stacked on top of one another. Stacking dunnage presents a safety concern for products and employees.

How much weight can a dunnage rack hold?

New Age Industrial Lifetime Series Dunnage Racks are the toughest dunnage racks on the market. These all-welded racks are beefed up to hold a maximum weight capacity of up to 5000 pounds. Our Heavy-Duty Dunnage Racks can handle 3000-4000 pounds, and our Standard Dunnage Racks will hold up to 2000 pounds.

What materials are dunnage racks made from?

New Age Industrial Dunnage Racks are made from primary grade aluminum, which is durable, yet lightweight and will never rust or corrode. Other dunnage racks are made from plastic, wire, or stainless steel.

What specialty options are available for dunnage racks?

Get the most out of your dunnage racks by making them mobile (adding casters, handles and/or tow hooks) for easy transportation between workstations; add a perforated cover for stability and safety; or customize them to fit your exact needs. At New Age Industrial, we can build dunnage racks to specific dimensions (height, length, width) and weight capacities for walk-in freezers, refrigerators, and dry storage areas.
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