Step up Your Game: A Guide to Customizing Ladder Carts

Ladder Carts play a crucial role in vertical reach operations during order picking, making customization essential to meet specific facility needs. Designing the perfect Ladder Cart involves thoughtful considerations to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.

Determining Height and Functionality

The initial consideration is the required height, ranging from one to five steps. Next is the ladder’s functionality. A folding ladder reduces overall cart length but requires manual deployment. In contrast, a spring-loaded ladder engages automatically underweight, saving time for the picker.

Size Matters: Cart Dimensions

The size of the Ladder Cart is pivotal. Width should align with aisle dimensions, considering the potential passage of multiple carts. Cart length should be limited to facilitate turns within the cart’s maneuvering radius, with overall dimensions tailored to the shelves.

Shelf Design for Efficient Picking

Shelf design depends on the products being picked. Heavy-duty shelves suit large boxes, utilizing a frame with horizontal runners for a sturdy deck. T-Bar style shelving is cost-effective for medium-sized boxes but may have gaps. Solid sheet shelves are versatile for all sizes, and adding lips prevents items from falling.

Customization Options for Unique Needs

Tailor your Ladder Cart with specialized options for odd picking scenarios. Choose from SpeedCell hangers, rolling racks, slanted shelves, open/closed cages, or create a custom solution. Additional customization options include tote hangers, document trays, clipboards, cubbies, scanner gun holders, static dissipation features, fork pockets, and even a cupholder for the user’s convenience.

Caster Configurations for Mobility

Select the appropriate caster type and configuration to get your Ladder Cart rolling smoothly. Caster size is determined by load capacity, with heavier loads requiring larger casters. Common configurations include a four-wheel setup with two swivel casters and two rigid for maneuverability, a six-wheel setup for zero-turn capability, and a five-wheel setup for the utmost maneuverability.

Expert Assistance from New Age Industrial

Designing a Ladder Cart involves navigating various variables, each crucial in creating the right equipment for the job. New Age Industrial offers the expertise of a dedicated team of engineers to guide you through the customization process, ensuring your Ladder Cart meets the unique requirements of your facility.

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