Strength Without the Weight: Reduce Worker Fatigue & Improve Ergonomics

Aluminum Order Picker Platforms

These mobile accessories for man-up order picker platforms provide a safe and effortless way for workers to access high shelves. Our strong, durable aluminum order picker platforms are significantly lighter than steel counterparts and can be manually maneuvered. Reduced weight means less strain on workers and the machines, ultimately leading to faster picking times and maximized productivity.

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Quick Change Aluminum Order Picker Platforms

Easy-Swap Angle Runner Shelves.
Shelves can be swapped out quickly to accommodate various product sizes & needs.

Adjustable Aluminum Order Picker Platforms

Versatile Adjustable Shelving System.
Multi-purpose shelves can be easily moved up or down within the platform’s frame.

Design Your Own Custom Order Picker Platforms

Stock Order Picker Platforms Just Not Cutting It?
Get Exactly What You Need! Let’s Create Something New Together, Stress-Free!

Case Pick/Put Away Order Picking Carts

Streamline Bulk Pick & Put Away.
Mobile work stations designed for warehouse operations & bulk item handling.

Bay Door Aluminum Order Picking Platforms

Optimize Truck Loading Efficiency.
Pre-stage orders for one-shot loading to maximize throughput & minimize loading time.

eCommerce & Order Fulfillment Equipment

Boost Productivity, Effortlessly.
Pick, transport, and store individual items, batch picks, or bulk cases of goods.

Lifetime Guarantee Against Rust & Corrosion on All Products

1-Year Guarantee For Workmanship & Material Defects

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