Lug Dollies


Economy Lug Dollies are ideal for bulk food transporting. They accept standard lugs. They are equipped with four 5″ stem type swivel casters.

Bulk Movers


Save time on transport by loading large quantities of raw materials, finished products or ingredients with this Bulk Tub & Frame Cart. This is the perfect “bulk” cart for every department. It’s equipped with four 5″x 1 3/8″ stem-type polyurethane swivel casters to glide smoothly on floors with effortless mobility. The all welded aluminum, open frame is easy to clean. It’s FDA approvable and suitable for bulk transport of food products. Seamless polyethylene tubs and lids are also FDA approvable and sold separately from the frame.

Freezer Trucks


Our Freezer Trucks are designed to hold 17″W x 28″L wire freezer baskets and boxes. Side Load and End Load models are available with four 5″ plate type casters. These trucks are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion.

Pan Racks


Heavy Duty Bun Pan Racks are all welded to ensure maximum strength and stability. They are available in both end loading and side loading styles and accommodate 18″ x 26″, 13″ x 18″. And 14″ x 18″ pans. They are equipped with four 5″ heavy duty plate type casters with non-marking wheels to protect floors and minimize noise. They have caster plates securely welded to the frame of each unit. Casters are then bolted to the caster plates, not directly to the frame, with four bolts. This procedure strengthens the overall integrity of the rack and prevents breakage.

Trash Can Dolly


Make your trash cans mobile with our Trash Dollies. The simple, 5 caster design makes the caster footprint larger without enlarging the overall unit footprint. Casters are mounted at the outside perimeter which offers much more stability. They accommodate various trash cans with reinforced recessed base.

Dunnage Racks


Economy Dunnage Racks have an all welded, all aluminum design that’s great for keeping product organized and off of the floor. The framework is constructed of 1½” x 1½” x.070” wall tubing. It’s legs are sealed with plastic caps.

Solid Wall Shelves


Solid Wall Shelves are ideal for maximizing storage and organization above sinks, stoves, tables and other places. These shelves are made from regular 18 GA or Heavy Duty 12 GA aluminum sheet.

Stainless Steel Tables


Stainless Steel Top Tables have all the strength and durability of stainless steel at the cost of aluminum. They boast an easy to clean top and frame and are ideal for food preparation. These units are available with removable 16 GA type 304 stainless steel tops. They have easily adjustable feet and are even available in 36″ depth.

Bob Brackle

Sales Manager / Material Handling

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