Modular Aluminum Equipment Stands

Modular Aluminum Equipment Stands are specifically designed to accommodate counter-top cooking and warming equipment. These all-purpose stands are perfect for counter-top cooking, as well as holding or serving equipment. The removable heavy duty, 12-gauge aluminum top and optional under shelf lift off for easy cleaning. They are fully supported by the all welded, heavy duty frame. A marine edge provides for easy cleaning and equipment stability. Adjustable posts allow for quick stabilization and easy leveling on stationary units, while the 5” stem type casters provide smooth transportation for mobile units.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
21524ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24152415No $678
21524ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24153017No $689
21524ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24153617No $708
21530ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30152422No $689
21530ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30153019No $678
21530ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30153620No $708
21536ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36152419No $728
21536ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36153020No $738
21536ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36153621No $758
21542ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42152420No $765
21542ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42153021No $775
21542ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42153622.5No $794
21548ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48152423No $782
21548ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48153024No $792
21548ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48153625No $812
21824ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24182417No $659
21824ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24183018No $669
21824ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24183619No $689
21830ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30182419.5No $659
21830ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30183020.5No $669
21830ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30183622No $689
21836ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36182422No $610
21836ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36183022No $620
21836ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36183624.5No $610
21842ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42182423.5No $725
21842ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42183024.5No $762
21842ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42183625.5No $736
21848ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48182427.5No $676
21848ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48183028.5No $686
21848ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48183629.5No $706
22024ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24202420No $693
22024ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24203021No $704
22024ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves24203622No $723
22030ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30202422No $693
22030ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30203023No $704
22030ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves30203624.2No $723
22036ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36202425.5No $635
22036ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36203024.5No $644
22036ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves36203625No $664
22042ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42202425.5No $723
22042ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42203026No $732
22042ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves42203627No $753
22048ES24PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48202431No $671
22048ES30PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48203028.5No $682
22048ES36PAdjustable Aluminum Solid Shelves48203633No $701

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