Standard Equipment Stands

Specifically Designed To Accommodate Counter-Top Cooking & Warming Equipment. This all purpose stand is perfect for counter-top cooking as well as holding or serving equipment. Removable heavy-duty 12-gauge aluminum top and optional under-shelf lift off for easy cleaning and are fully supported by the all welded, heavy-duty frame. The marine edge provides easy cleaning and equipment stability. Adjustable posts allow for quick stabilization and easy leveling on stationary units while the 5” stem type casters with non marking wheels provide smooth transportation for mobile units. They ship knocked down for easy assembly.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
12436GSStationary, Aluminum Top36242427.5 $1,022
12436GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top36242438 $1,248
12436GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf36242444 $1,438
12436GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf36242437 $1,269
12448GSStationary, Aluminum Top48242432 $1,081
12448GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top48242440 $1,390
12448GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf48242451 $1,574
12448GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf48242445 $1,385
12460GSStationary, Aluminum Top60242437 $1,208
12460GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top60242447 $1,512
12460GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf60242457 $1,684
12460GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf60242451.5 $1,490
12472GSStationary, Aluminum Top72242445 $1,806
12472GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top72242452 $1,940
12472GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf72242470 $2,405
12472GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf72242455 $2,431
13036GSStationary, Aluminum Top36302431 $1,144
13036GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top36302441 $1,349
13036GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf36302451 $1,551
13036GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf36302443 $1,423
13048GSStationary, Aluminum Top48302437 $1,184
13048GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top48302450 $1,454
13048GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf48302457 $1,715
13048GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf48302447 $1,520
13060GSStationary, Aluminum Top60302450 $1,382
13060GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top60302452 $1,557
13060GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf60302471 $1,848
13060GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf60302462 $1,745
13072GSStationary, Aluminum Top72302455 $1,516
13072GSCMobile Unit, Aluminum Top60302459 $1,831
13072GSCUMobile Unit, Aluminum Top, Undershelf60302482 $2,056
13072GSUStationary, Aluminum Top, Undershelf60302466 $1,973

Sandwich Rail – Add “SR” suffix to model number.

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