Keg Stacker Shelving

These heavy duty aluminum units store sixth, quarter and half barrels (kegs) of beer as well as dry general storage. These keg shelves are extra-reinforced for the added abuse associated with handling kegs. Unlike most wire shelves, these units have easy-to-clean flat surfaces that aid in the easy-on and easy-off of smaller heavy product. Approved for use in freezers, displays, as well as packaging and storage areas, these heavy duty all welded aluminum racks keep product organized.

Model No.TypeSize D - H - L (in.)Capacity 1/2 BarrelCapacity 1/6 BarrelShelvesShipping Weight (lbs.)NSFSpec Sheet (PDF)List Price
1288Complete Units18 x 76 x 80826378YesKeg Stackers$1090
1289Complete Units20.758 x 76 x 931034398YesKeg Stackers$1296
31842TT7Complete Units18 x 76 x 42412349YesKeg Stackers$731
50723Top Shelves, not for kegs34 x 2 x 72N/AN/A127YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$532
51019Keg Shelves Only34 x 3 x 42412127YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$518
51020Keg Shelves Only34 x 3 x 54615135YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$624
51021Keg Shelves Only34 x 3 x 60618142YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$627
51022Keg Shelves Only34 x 3 x 72821150YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$750
51023Keg Shelves Only36.75 x 3 x 80824149YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$813
51024Keg Shelves Only36.75 x 3 x 931027157YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$928
51025Top Shelves, not for kegs34 x 2 x 42N/AN/A117YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$432
51026Top Shelves, not for kegs36.75 x 2 x 80N/AN/A131YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$588
51027Top Shelves, not for kegs36.75 x 2 x 93N/AN/A143YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$730
51169Complete Units34 x 84 x 42824390YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$1757
51170Complete Units34 x 84 x 5412303103.9YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$1905
51171Complete Units34 x 84 x 6012363117YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$1932
51172Complete Units34 x 84 x 7216423137YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$2237
51173Complete Units36.75 x 84 x 8016483214YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$2520
51174Complete Units36.75 x 84 x 9320543226YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$2893
51181Wall Protector34 x 2 x 60N/AN/AN/A8.5NoDouble Deep Keg Stackers$281
51182Wall Protector35.375 x 2 x 93N/AN/AN/A11NoDouble Deep Keg Stackers$381
51280Wall Protector35.375 x 2 x 80N/AN/AN/A10NoDouble Deep Keg Stackers$350
51298Wall Protector34 x 2 x 42N/AN/AN/A6NoDouble Deep Keg Stackers$254
51299Wall Protector34 x 2 x 54N/AN/AN/A7NoDouble Deep Keg Stackers$269
51300Wall Protector34 x 2 x 72N/AN/AN/A9NoDouble Deep Keg Stackers$297
94029Wall Protector18 x 2 x 60N/AN/AN/A7.5NoKeg Stackers$118
94030Wall Protector18 x 2 x 80N/AN/AN/A9NoKeg Stackers$127
94031Wall Protector19.375 x 2 x 93N/AN/AN/A10NoKeg Stackers$139
94273Keg Shelves Only18 x 3 x 6039114.4YesKeg Stackers$285
94274Keg Shelves Only18 x 3 x 80413121YesKeg Stackers$341
94275Keg Shelves Only20.75 x 3 x 93517123YesKeg Stackers$405
95410Keg Shelves Only18 x 3 x 72411116.5YesKeg Stackers$324
98951Top Shelves, not for kegs34 x 2 x 54N/AN/A121.5YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$453
98953Top Shelves, not for kegs34 x 2 x 60N/AN/A124YesDouble Deep Keg Stackers$470
NS475Complete Units18 x 76 x 72822373YesKeg Stackers$1096
NS933Complete Units18 x 76 x 60618349YesKeg Stackers$967