Solid Brute Shelves

Built to accommodate heavier product and designed for use in all environments including, freezers, coolers, as well as packaging and storage areas.

Model No.Size D - L (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)NSFList Price
1530SB15 x 308008Yes$214
1536SB15 x 368009.5Yes$234
1542SB15 x 4280010.5Yes$244
1548SB15 x 4880011.5Yes$246
1554SB15 x 5480013Yes$293
1560SB15 x 6080014Yes$299
1830SB18 x 308009Yes$227
1836SB18 x 3680010Yes$205
1842SB18 x 4280011.5Yes$217
1848SB18 x 4880012.5Yes$195
1854SB18 x 5480014Yes$295
1860SB18 x 6080015Yes$270
1872SB18 x 7280017.5Yes$290
2030SB20 x 308009Yes$269
2036SB20 x 3680011Yes$199
2042SB20 x 4280012.3Yes$241
2048SB20 x 4880014Yes$233
2054SB20 x 5480015.4Yes$265
2060SB20 x 6080015.8Yes$274
2066SB20 x 6680017.5Yes$482
2072SB20 x 7280018Yes$317
2430SB24 x 3080010.5Yes$236
2436SB24 x 3680011.8Yes$222
2442SB24 x 4280013.4Yes$247
2448SB24 x 4880016.5Yes$236
2454SB24 x 5480017Yes$274
2460SB24 x 6080018.4Yes$290
2466SB24 x 6680019.2Yes$405
2472SB24 x 7280023.2Yes$336

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