Queen Marys

These units are built for transporting big loads of banquets, catering, and bussing. The solid shelves have marine edges that add strength and contain spills. Framework is constructed of 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x .100 wall Queen Mary Tube. Shelving options available in both stainless steel and aluminum models. Base is constructed out of 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x .70" wall tubing. Caster wheels included: four 8” platform type casters— two swivel (#C526) two rigid (#C527). Each Unit Is Equipped With A Full Perimeter Bumper.

Model No.Shelf TypeSize D-H-L (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs.)No. of ShelvesShelf SpacingShipping Weight (lbs.)Spec SheetList Price
1450Aluminum29” x 66” x 62”3000512"186Aluminum Queen Marys$2824
1451Aluminum29” x 66” x 75”2500512"210Aluminum Queen Marys$3131
1452Aluminum29” x 66” x 62”2500416½”174Aluminum Queen Marys$2538
1455Aluminum29” x 66” x 62"300069¼”205Aluminum Queen Marys$3066
97942Stainless Steel29” x 66” x 65½”3000510½”355Stainless Queen Marys$6052
98181Stainless Steel29” x 66” x 78½”2500510½”351Stainless Queen Marys$6764
98182Stainless Steel29” x 66” x 65½”2500414½”322Stainless Queen Marys$5128
98183Stainless Steel29” x 66” x 65½”300068¼”365Stainless Queen Marys$6820