Heavy Duty Y-Design Aluminum Smokestick

Heavy Duty Aluminum Y-Shaped Smokesticks, also sometimes called Y-shaped smokesticks, are heavy-duty metal rods used for hanging sausages, fish, or other meats inside a smoker. They are made from primary grade aluminum for durability and heat resistance.

The key characteristic of a Y-design smokestick is its Y-shaped cross-section. This design offers several advantages:

  • Heavy Duty Construction: The Y-shape provides additional strength and rigidity compared to a straight rod, allowing it to support heavier loads of meat without bending.
  • Drainage: The Y-shape promotes complete water drainage from the smokestick, regardless of how it is positioned in the smoker. This is important for hygiene purposes, as it prevents water pooling and reduces the risk of bacterial growth.
  • Effortless Cleaning: The smooth, easy-clean interior and the innovative open Y-shape make it easier to clean the smokestick thoroughly after use.
  • Optimal Size: The 42-inch length provides ample hanging space for your sausages, fish, or other meats. The compact 1″ x 1.18″ profile ensures efficient use of smoker space.
  • Made-to-Order Quality: These smokesticks are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring consistent quality and optimal performance.

Weight Capacity: 100 lbs – uniformly distributed. Point load is 50 lbs.

Y-Shaped Smokesticks Must be Purchased in Bulk in multiples of 1 billet (approximately 58 smokesticks). Bulk quantities streamline your purchasing process and offer a cost-effective solution for high-volume smoking.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction

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ModelImageDescriptionProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs)Net Weight (lbs)Shipping Weight (lbs)NSF CertifiedCurrent Lead TimeList PriceSpec Sheet
99278Y-Shaped421.181100 (uniform) / 50 (point load)11.1No

13 Days