3 Benefits of Cantilever Shelving

Storage is a constant and ever-changing challenge and commodity in almost all industries. Cantilever shelving omits the front upright, so the shelves are only attached at the back of the unit. This has several benefits including maximization of shelf and floor space, flexible configuration, and increased worker safety.

Maximize Space
Cantilever shelving maximizes shelf space by omitting the front vertical supports which allows the creation of a continuous unobstructed shelf for an unlimited length. This allows items like pipe, lumber, all thread, and other longer items to be stored properly. With the optional wall/ceiling mounted cantilever shelving, the footprint can be reduced to zero, allowing all available floor space to be free.
Flexible Configuration
At New Age Industrial, our engineers have developed a system that has nearly infinite configurability. Different types of shelves offer high weight capacity, the ability to store small or large items, and fit any budget. Speaking of budget, the system is easy to assemble, and the shelves can be fitted at any height so they can easily be reconfigured by the user, allowing one system to change with your organization’s needs. This saves money as new shelving will not need to be purchased when products and storage organization change.
Often, facilities will store longer items on pallets which consumes valuable real-estate on the factory or warehouse floor. Sometimes larger items are stored on shelves that aren’t configured to accommodate those items. Both quick solutions create safety concerns from trips and falls to drops and damage or items protruding from inadequate shelving that employees could hit their head on.    
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