New Age Industrial
Extrusion Fabrication Manufacturing Customization Aluminum

New Age Industrial is a leading Aluminum extruder and fabricator in the United States. We design and manufacture lightweight, aluminum products to meet your exact needs. Our products will never rust or corrode. We work with various industries including foodservice, supermarket and material handling.

October Spotlight

We offer various products for the Pizza Industry from dough prep to storage. We also offer completely customized products to fit your needs.

Pizza Pan Racks

Transport and store pans of pre-made pizzas or rolled pizza dough with our Pizza Pan Racks.

Can Racks

Full and Half Size Can Racks are easily loaded or unloaded using only one hand for automatic stock rotation.

Slicer Stands

Mobile Slicer Stands are designed to hold equipment and transport trays and have a retractable shelf.

Don't Compromise, Customize

New Age Industrial is an aluminum EXTRUDER and FABRICATOR. We house a team of engineers that design products to fit your exact needs. Then our production team brings them to life in our 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility. If we don’t have a product that is exactly what you want, we can make one for you in any quantity needed.

Our Unique Process

Every New Age Industrial product begins with primary grade aluminum to establish quality welds that hold stronger and last longer. We utilize our in-house press to extrude the aluminum billet. Then we fabricate, cut, and weld on site. This allows us to build a variety of products for the foodservice, supermarket, material handling and other industries. It also allows for items to be completely customized by you!

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is used for a variety of different applications. It is heavy duty and will never rust or corrode. It’s long-lasting durability makes it a cost-effective choice for all applications. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to push, and it’s one of the most recycled metals in the world!

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