3 Must-Have Features for Order Picker Platforms

Order picker Platforms are used to put, pick, and stage in fulfillment operations. When product arrives, goods are received and placed onto the platforms. Then, these items are moved around and placed in the warehouse. Order picker platforms are also used in conjunction with an order picker machine to raise up into a mezzanine and easily pull products from the shelves to stage them for shipping. These mobile platforms can also function as a picking cart in narrow aisle environments.
It’s important to consider even the smallest details on these units, to ensure an easy process from start to finish. Here are 3 features we recommend for order picker platforms:
Often, product shifts when being moved throughout a warehouse, especially on rough or uneven surfaces. Consider slightly slanting your shelves so that when the cart vibrates during transport, the product will shift backward rather than forward off the platform. At New Age Industrial, we place the shelves at a 4-degree pitch.
On the platform itself, anti-skid tape is typically used. This is so that when someone steps from their order picker machine onto the platform, they have something to grip onto with their feet. Something often overlooked, is adding anti-skid tape to the shelves, to help prevent product from shifting forward while the platform is in motion.
One of the most important factors in designing order picker platforms, is building them flush with the deck height of the order picker machine itself. This ensures that the operator can transition over and stand on the platform without a trip hazard. Make sure to precisely measure your deck height and share your order picker machine model type with your manufacturer, so they can ensure a proper fit.
New Age Industrial offers a variety of Order Picker Platforms and will gladly customize them as well. Think New Age for all your pick and fulfillment needs.