3 Reasons to Invest in Wet Produce Carts

Investing in wet produce carts is a smart decision for any supermarket or grocery store. There are many reasons to invest in these carts, but here are three of the most important: safety, ergonomics, and labor savings. Produce carts help keep your produce department organized and safe for customers and employees alike. They also improve the ergonomics of the work environment by making it easier for employees to move product around, which can lead to significant labor savings. 
Wet produce carts reduce the mess of transporting produce by retaining moisture and debris. This can eliminate the danger of slips and falls from water on the floor which can cause injury to workers and customers. Our produce carts come with two reinforced, removable drip pans to remove unwanted moisture and keep them clean.
To help prevent issues such as musculoskeletal disorders, fatigue, and pain from happening to your employees in the future, it’s imperative to use ergonomically correct carts. That’s why the design of our produce carts is so important for your associates. We have an assortment of carts that work well with any store layout and budget. The smooth rolling casters, lightweight aluminum, and ergonomically positioned handles make these carts easy to push and comfortable to use.
Labor Savings
Wet produce carts can be a great investment to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. By investing in the right produce cart, you can have your products readily available to sell. When the produce is needed, employees can more efficiently stock shelves by wheeling the cart directly from the walk-in cooler rather than making multiple trips to manually retrieve them from storage areas. Our produce carts are specifically designed for wet produce like leafy greens that need frequent washing. These carts reduce the need to mop up water and other spills from the floor as frequently because of the removable drip pan. 
The produce department can be a hectic place to work, which is why having the right equipment could make all the difference. Produce carts are an essential piece of your organization and safety strategy, but they also improve ergonomics by making it easier for employees to move product around quickly. There’s no need to worry about labor costs either; these carts will reduce the number of trips employees have to make while stocking produce. If you’re interested in purchasing new produce carts for your store, contact us today!