3 Ways to Use Lug Dollies in Supermarkets

When transporting bulk items, there are a few key factors to consider ensuring safe and efficient delivery. Lug dollies can provide the perfect solution for meeting these needs. Here are three ways to use Lug Dollies in Supermarkets.
1. Moving Raw Meat. 
2. Hauling Ice. 
3. E-Commerce.
Moving Raw Meat
Lug Dollies are a necessary tool for any meat department or butcher. They allow employees to transport large quantities of raw meat from the processing area, where it is cut and packaged into smaller portions, back to the grinders in the beef room or out on store shelves. They are often prepped during the night shift and rolled into the walk-in coolers. Then, the morning shift takes the meat out to display it for consumers to purchase it.
Hauling Ice
Lug Dollies are a helpful tool for those working in the seafood department of supermarkets. These dollies allow you to effortlessly transport ice from the ice machine to the merchandising case where fish and other items can be displayed. The lugs can also be placed on top of a cart or dolly as they come out of an iced storage area, such as a walk-in refrigerator, so that it is easier for staff members to load them into displays without having to lift heavy bags by hand. These lightweight carts have wheels which make moving items around easy and convenient. 
A unique way Lug Dollies are used is in backrooms for e-commerce. Orders can be placed in bags that have been picked by associates and delivered to customers, or they can be rolled directly into walk-in coolers or left in the stock room if dry goods.

Lug dollies can provide a perfect solution for meeting your needs in bulk transport. We’ve gone over three ways to use them in supermarkets, but they have many other applications as well. If you want more information on how lug dollies might benefit your business or organization, please visit www.newageindustrial.com or email us at sales@newageindustrial.com to see what we have to offer!