5 Security Options for Correctional Foodservice Equipment

Foodservice equipment used in correctional facilities not only has to be tough enough to survive the rigors of harsh environments but must also be safe for staff and inmates alike. Here are five available options designed to beef up the equipment structurally and make it as tamper proof and safe as possible.

Tamper Resistant Fasteners

Nuts, bolts, and screws that can be easily removed and used as makeshift weapons should be avoided, especially if inmates will use or have access to the equipment. Tamper resistant fasteners that require a proprietary tool to remove them are available and should be considered.

Welded Hinges and Door Handles
Hinges and door handles, like other removable parts, can be a real safety hazard and should be avoided. The bolts and screws used to attach them to the equipment also pose a safety risk. Many manufacturers offer welded hinges and door handles that cannot be removed. As an added benefit, welded components can also add years to the equipment’s service life.

Extra Interior Bracing

Foodservice transport and distribution equipment in correctional facilities needs to be up to the task and ready for various types of use such as traversing rough surfaces, being loaded into trucks, and general day to day stress of serving three meals a day. To add to the service life of the equipment and keep it structurally sound, adding additional interior bracing is recommended. To eliminate lopsided carts and racks, extra interior bracing is the ticket.

Upgraded Casters

Casters come in many sizes, materials, and attachment methods. Selecting the right one for the type of environment they will be used in should not be overlooked. Equipment that is occasionally moved short distances over smooth floors works fine with typical 5” welded plate casters. If the equipment will be used to transport heavy loads over medium to long distances, upgrading to 6” welded plate casters is highly recommended. Not only will the larger casters last longer, but they also make pushing and operating over rougher terrain much easier.

Padlock Provisions

Correctional staff sometimes need the ability to secure and lock doors on enclosed carts and racks. Exposed locking hasps are an option, however they protrude from the equipment and can potentially be removed or knocked off, posing a safety hazard. Padlock holes drilled directly into the door frame are an ideal option to consider when you need to secure products. In this case, there are no moving parts or removable components to consider other than the operator provided padlock.

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