A Quick Guide to Folding Carts

Folding Carts are useful tools in many industries because they can move up to five times the weight that a standard dolly can. They typically have one or two handles with a flat deck that can be accessed from either side of the cart. They come in a variety of types and designs to fit the needs of different users and organizations.
Benefits of Folding Carts

There are three main benefits of using Folding Carts, with the most important one being maximized storage space. When folded, the carts can be stored on end, occupying as little as 20% of their footprint as when unfolded. That is a huge space savings! For example, they can condense eight square feet of deck space into just two square feet of storage space. Another benefit of Folding Carts is the ability to add shelves for better organization. They are made modular by adding drop-in shelves that span from one handle to the other. These removable shelves add flexibility and can expand the load size by two or three times. The final benefit we will cover is replaceable parts for added longevity. Many parts on Folding Carts are replaceable, so in the event of damage, a replacement part can be ordered instead of replacing the entire cart.

Types of Folding Carts
There are two main types of Folding Carts. The first type is a U-Boat style with handles on both ends of the deck. These are particularly useful in narrow isles, where turning the entire cart around isn’t possible. The U-Boat shape allows users to have access to both sides of the cart and the ability to push it in an ergonomic fashion in both directions. The other most common type of folding cart is the “L” Cart. “L” Carts have a handle on one end with a deck used for transporting product. Since there is a handle on only one end, the deck can be rounded at the other end, to protect walls in the facility. This also ensures that the cart can accommodate items that are longer than its deck.
Uses of Folding Carts

As previously mentioned, Folding Carts are used in various industries. One specific industry that utilizes folding carts is the beverage industry. They are also used in storage facilities for renters to move their belongings to and from their storage unit. Many distribution and order fulfillment centers house an entire fleet of folding carts to move boxes and heavy product from one area to another. Even grocery stores use these carts for everything from online order fulfillment to moving stock from the backroom to stock shelves.

Folding Carts are the universal workhorse and can they be used in various applications and environments. They are used to transport a wide variety of products and are easily stowed in a small footprint when not in use. They should be considered when looking for a versatile cart.
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