Aluminum Hand Trucks and Threshold Ramps

If you’re not familiar with hand trucks and threshold ramps, you’re missing out on some useful equipment that makes life much easier when moving items. Hand trucks are wheeled carts used to move heavy objects without having to carry them by hand. Threshold ramps are small pieces of equipment that help wheeled carts move items over steps and curbs or into garages and doorways with ease. There are many benefits of these two common pieces of equipment and reasons why they are so handy to have around.

Moving heavy items unassisted requires two people that lift with correct posture to prevent injury. A hand truck is much easier to use than a standard floor dolly, which requires you to bend over and push your back into an unnatural position when moving heavy objects. A hand truck allows just one person to move large, bulky items in and out of homes, stores, and other facilities without injuring their back.

New Age Industrial’s aluminum hand trucks are heavy duty, yet lightweight and engineered with ergonomic handles to prevent repetitive movement injuries. Plastic slides are installed in the rear angle supports which allow the hand trucks to slide on steps or curbs without damaging the aluminum. We offer two types of wheels for our hand trucks. One type available is a pneumatic wheel which is air filled, giving it shock absorption at the small cost of having to maintain air pressure. The other one offered is a solid, airless wheel that will never go flat but can be a rougher ride on rough or uneven surfaces.

Hand trucks make moving heavy items feel like light duty work, but a curb, step, or awkward transition can create a difficult situation to navigate. Threshold ramps are designed to help maneuver through such obstacles by making the transition gradual. New Age Industrial threshold ramps are designed with lips on the sides to contain hand trucks with stops on the bottom to prevent the ramps from sliding on obstacles. Additional grip tape is used to prevent the operator from slipping on the ramps.

Hand trucks paired with threshold ramps not only help to prevent injuries, but they also save time. We have engineered them correctly, so they are lightweight, durable, and ergonomic.

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