Bringing Our Customers a Better Website Experience

It’s January 2022 and we’ve got some big website improvements planned for this year! In fact, we’ve already made some great updates that will help user experience, and we wanted to take a few minutes today to show you what that will look like.

A new “image” column on product tables

Each of our product pages contains one or more model numbers for that product. In some cases, a page could have a dozen or more models, each with slight variations. In the past, we’ve only been able to display a few images in the main gallery spot on each page.

Now we’re rolling out a new format that will add an “image” column to the tables. This will allow us to display an image for each and every model. Each image in the table can be clicked in order to open a lightbox and zoom in for a better look. We have begun rolling this out already and have already covered a lot of ground, but you can expect to see some placeholders as we continue to phase in this feature.

Better NSF status visibility

In addition to the image column, we’ve added special icons across the site for NSF certified products. We’ve indicated this status by model, in the product page tables, that way it will be very clear which models are and are not NSF certified.

Options table added to product pages

You’ll also see in the video above that we’ve added an additional table on certain product pages. Some products have various “options” that are important for ordering and to fully utilize the product. For example, our Crisping Basket Dollies can be used with the Drag Hook, and this wasn’t clear previously, but now thanks to the Options table, you can see which options are relevant without having to click between several pages.

Monthly product spotlights

We’ve been doing this one for a while now, but you’ll notice that on the homepage, midway down the page, there is a collection of spotlighted products for a particular industry or vertical. These will be switched out once or twice a month, so check back often!

Check back often to see what’s new. We are always looking for ways to make your experience with us better, so if you have any feedback on products or features that would help you find the information you need more quickly please let us know!