Efficient Packaging For Multiple Brands

New Age Industrial Packaging Stations are designed to maximize space and offer easy access to packaging supplies needed for shipments on packing lines. They nest over a conveyor system and have casters for mobility as well as a step down floor lock brake to secure them in place. The packaging stations hold variety of box sizes (folded up) and boasts additional storage underneath. The New Age Industrial Packaging Stations are all aluminum and will never rust or corrode.

Packaging Stations are used for items to be checked, packaged, labeled and shipped out in an efficient manner. They allow processes to connect seamlessly from picking operations to the shipping department. These packaging stations hold multiple sizes of boxes and shipping supplies all in one place without taking up extra space in a facility. When packaging stations are nesting over the conveyor system, finished boxes can be transported to the shipping area right away which saves time and money throughout order fulfillment and delivery. The goal for packaging is for the worker to move through their processes quickly, error free and using the smallest shipping container sufficient for the job.

Well-designed packaging stations provide an appropriate space for all materials and supplies. When customizing a packing station to fit specific needs, it’s important to think about many factors including the following:
-What items will be packaged?
-What size are the products being packaged?
-What supplies will be stored here to package the goods?
-Will the packages be labeled at this station?
-Are orders being consolidated, which requires more table space?

For more information or to customize a packaging station, email us at sales@newageindustrial.com.