How Do Bulk Delivery Trucks (BDTs) from New Age Industrial Benefit Beverage Distributors?

Beer distributors are responsible for delivering beer to convenience stores, liquor stores, restaurants, bars, and other establishments who sell the product. Distributors must rely on solid transportation and proper equipment to deliver the right amount of product in a timely fashion so they can keep up with demand. New Age Industrial is an industry leader in beverage delivery trucks because our BDTs are built tough to handle heavy product loads and long-term daily use.
Bulk Delivery Trucks are ideal for transporting inventory from delivery trucks to customer sites and directly into their coolers. New Age Industrial BDT’s hold more inventory and take up less space than traditional delivery trucks because the folding handles allow them to be stored on-end. BJ Randall, Assistant National Sales Manager of Material Handling, explains, “Our competitors’ carts are typically stacked on top of one another when stored, two long ways and 2 sideways, which takes up roughly 15 square feet. New Age Industrial BDTs are stored on-end using just 2 square feet of space per cart. So, in this comparison, you can fit almost twice as many of our BDTs in the same amount of space as the competitors’ carts.”

Their ability to be stored upright isn’t the only thing that makes them unique. They also have an optional and inexpensive dual brake system add-on. To ease the loading and unloading process, delivery drivers simply lock the brakes to prevent rolling, product spills or damage to surrounding property. In addition, the 8-inch heavy duty casters make them tough in uneven or rough terrain with debris and even icy environments.

Another advantage to New Age Industrial BDTs is how they are stored inside of delivery trucks. BJ Randall shares, “After drivers drop off product at stores, they place empty carts into the back of their trucks. They continue to do this throughout the duration of their delivery routes. By the time the routes are completed, there is often a piled mass of carts in the back of the truck. The loaders and unloaders at their facility must attempt to untangle the mess before they can unload and reload the truck. New Age BDTs are stored upright and strapped to the side of the inside walls of the trucks, so they won’t shuffle around during transport.”

Aluminum construction is another advantage for our BDTs because we build durable, heavy duty carts that are still lightweight and easy to maneuver. Aluminum will not rust or corrode so it works well in all types of environments – hot, cold, damp, etc. BJ says, “Since New Age Industrial is an extruder, we have been able to reinforce the handles with a rigid extrusion, so they won’t bend under pressure while shrink wrapping product to it. We have also added gussets to the sockets. This ensures extreme durability and longevity. Also, these carts have solid, integrated decks rather than sheet metal wrapped frames. Sheet metal wrapped frames tend to come apart more easily. On our Carts, the deck is locked in with a tongue and groove system using multiple extrusions to create one solid deck that holds stronger and lasts longer.”

New Age Industrial Bulk Delivery Trucks hold more product, take up less space in facilities/delivery trucks and have folding handles that allow them to be stored on-end when not being used. If you’re interested in learning more about these bulk delivery trucks or testing one out, visit us online, check out this brochure or contact us at