How Does Using Platter Racks Benefit Meat Departments & Retailers?

If you’re looking to upgrade your meat department, aluminum platter racks are a must-have. They make the process of stocking and restocking meat much more efficient, which can result in significant time savings for your staff. Aluminum platter racks will help you run a more efficient meat department that saves both time and money! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how aluminum platter racks can help you run a more efficient and sanitary meat department.
If you run a supermarket, bakery, or meat department, it’s important to understand how platter carts are used in the industry. Platters Racks typically hold either 10”x30” or 12”x30” platters. These platter sizes are different from typical cake or bun pans because they need to differ enough for cross contamination prevention measures. Some meat platters also have ridges in them in case juice from the raw meat leaks and to keep the Styrofoam trays from sliding.
As the demand for high quality meat has grown, so too has the need to ensure that this product is properly handled. One of our more popular products in recent years are aluminum platter racks which can be used to hold platters of raw meat on Styrofoam trays. They load them from the butchering station into the walk-in until they are ready to be wrapped with labels on both sides or have a sticker price attached. Then they can be wheeled out to merchandise them inside of self-service multi deck cases.
New Age offers two main styles of platter racks, universal and angle guide. The universal platter rack utilizes aluminum shelves to hold a variety of different platter sizes and additional products. Angle Guide style uses angle guides to hold pans by the lip. They are built to hold the 10”x30” or 12”x30” platter racks. We offer a variety of different styles and sizes of these racks so that we can provide the perfect solution for any business or kitchen space needs. We can always customize our products to any size needed.

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