Keg Stacker Shelving – What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

Keg Shelving is used primarily to organize and hold kegs. If you serve draft beer, you know how much floor space kegs can take up in a walk-in cooler. By utilizing unused vertical cooler space with Keg Stacker Shelving, you can free up valuable real estate for more products which is a huge advantage. It also provides extra room inside the walk-in to maneuver or move items in and out of the cooler. Keg Stacker Shelving comes in various sizes including single depth and double depth units. They can be configured with one, two, or three shelves and a variety of accessories.

Keg Stacker Shelving – Built for The Job! 
Keg Stacker Shelving is built from heavy-duty aluminum that is guaranteed never to rust or corrode – even in damp, refrigerated environments. The beefed up, slatted bottom shelves hold up to 1,500 lbs apiece. The slats allow for proper airflow throughout the cooler, which is a key to quality keg shelving. It’s heavy duty enough to handle the job at hand while keeping the kegs frosty cold. If you need some storage space for small, lightweight items such as cased beer or wine, simply add a “little less beefy” T-Bar shelf on top with an optional solid top shelf cover.
Make It Your Own
Want to store kegs on the floor with a keg shelf above? Leave off the bottom shelf and replace it with a U-Brace, adding the required stability that the shelf also provides. Want to “stack” the kegs on top of one another on the floor and still need more keg storage above? Use a ½ shelf in lieu of a full shelf to stack the front kegs two high. Don’t want a top shelf? Just replace it with a U-Brace. EZ Panel regulator panels are also great accessories. Keg regulators can be mounted to the EZ Panel instead of onto the wall of a walk-in cooler behind the kegs, making them more readily accessible and easier to change out. Lastly, if you don’t see the size or configuration of Keg Shelving that you need, a custom unit might be just what the doctor ordered. Let us know, and we’ll be happy to design and build the ideal solution for your keg storage needs.

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