New Age Industrial Announces Summer Engineering Interns 2022

Norton, KS June 3, 2022 – New Age Industrial has welcomed two new Summer Interns to its Engineering Team, Seth Otter and Kole Breth.

Seth Otter, Engineering Intern

The New Age Industrial team is excited to welcome Seth Otter in his new position as Plant Engineering Intern. For his first project, he is assisting our Plant Engineer, David Sattler, and Plant Manager, Wally Burton, in developing new tools for use in our welding department. He is currently a Senior at Kansas State University, majoring in Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering. Seth is from New Almelo, KS and grew up around machinery, always tinkering on things.

When asked about his time at New Age so far, he said, “I wanted to work here this summer to gain a better knowledge of real-world engineering using hands-on experience to get to the next level. I am surprised at how expansive and technologically advanced it is here. I now see all the huge factory processes, machines and feats from engineering required to accomplish the end goal, to provide customer solutions. It’s insane!” We are thrilled to have him on the team and can’t wait to help him further his expertise in the field.

Kole Breth, Engineering Intern

As a Product Engineering Intern, Kole Breth is working directly with Dan Porter and the Product Engineers on Revit Drawings and will eventually assist with customer drawings and quotes. He is currently a Senior at Fort Hays State University, majoring in Engineering Design Technology and is originally from Oberlin, KS. He hopes to relocate to Northwest Kansas after graduation.

Kole’s experience has primarily been in construction management, but he chose to work at New Age Industrial this Summer to become a better draftsman and learn more about the manufacturing process. Kole said, “New Age is so big and advanced compared to others in the same field. I’ve learned more about Revit, a drafting software, in 3 days than I did in my entire college career so far.” We look forward to helping him expand his knowledge and add to his skillset this Summer!

About New Age Industrial

New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator in the United States. They design and manufacture products for various industries including foodservice, supermarkets, and material handling. These products are made in the USA (in Norton, KS) and can be completely customized. Contact us for more information!