New Age Industrial Revolutionizes The Order Picker Loading Process

New Age industrial has revolutionized the order picker loading process by changing the way an order picker machine is able to enter picking pallets, or picking platforms, and grip onto them. The open pocket on New Age Picking Pallets allows the operator of the order picker machine to come in from completely different angles and easily enter them. After a picking pallet is loaded up with products, the order picker machine will angle into a pallet. Then, the driver will square up and engage.
Next, the order picker machine will securely hook onto the pallet using its gripper. There are several grippers available for different machines: radius, claws, etc. Regardless of the type, the gripping mechanism will work with the oak block on New Age Picking Pallets. We use oak because it’s the hardest wood available, and it lasts the longest. This oak clamp block is replaceable which adds shelf life to your picking pallet.
Every order picker has a different deck height, so this information is key when ordering a picking pallet. Without the deck height specs, trip hazards can become an issue when pallets are hooked onto order picker machines. At New Age Industrial, our aluminum picking pallets are built to the exact height of your order picker deck which minimizes risk. Our units can be easily made mobile by having us add casters during production. An anti-slip, non-skid tape on the platform further reduces the risk of tripping or falling. Our Picking Pallets are all aluminum and will never rust or corrode.
New Age Industrial is an aluminum extruder and fabricator utilizing primary aluminum billet and heating it up to 1100 degrees to create an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. Our Aluminum Picking Pallets (and many of our other material handling products) are used in conjunction with order picker machines to hold big case items.
Enjoy this product demonstration video with Bob Brackle, National Sales Manager of Material Handling for New Age Industrial, featuring the New Age Industrial PPT4048 Aluminum Picking Pallet. For more information, email us anytime at