Pick-to-Light System and Equipment Integration

Pick-to-Light is a high-tech pick and fulfillment system that is semi-automated and simple to use. With the employment of lights, buttons, and alphanumeric LED screens, the system guides a human associate throughout the pick/put process. The system knows where items are located within a distribution center and where the picker needs to go next with just the push of a button. This is indicated by the “light” in “Pick-to-Light”. New Age Industrial manufactures material handling equipment that integrates Pick-to-Light technology with order picking equipment to streamline the picking process.

When designing carts and equipment that navigates a facility, it’s important to utilize a manufacturer that can customize carts to fit the needs of the facility, the products being picked, and the Pick-to-Light hardware. There are five features that are essential to accommodate Pick-to-Light technology in material handling carts and equipment.
  1. User Interface – A channel where the user interface will be mounted.  
  2. Controller – A safe location for the controller to be mounted.
  3. Antenna – A top location on the cart for an antenna to ensure unobstructed communication with the server.
  4. Battery – An accessible location for the battery that powers the Pick-to-Light hardware.
  5. Wiring – Enclosed channels with protected entry points to hide and protect the wiring between the battery, controller, interface, and antenna.
Additional features to consider include a scan gun holder, document shelf, clipboard, easy docking for battery charging, and ergonomic features that make transporting the carts throughout a facility as easy as possible.  
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