All Welded Heavy Duty Shelving

All Welded Heavy Duty Shelving is ideal for correctional facilities, supermarkets, hotels and institutions. With a one ton weight capacity and heavy duty, bar style shelving, these units are built to organize large, heavy boxes and items. The shelves are not adjustable, which makes them a great choice for correctional facilities and other institutions. Tamper-Proof bolts are available as one of our Prison Package options. These shelves are built to stand up to the rigors of around-the-clock usage!

All Welded Shelving is available in several sizes, including two-, three-, and four-shelf units. If you can’t find a shelving unit to fit your space, we can custom build one for you! Units are sturdy and easy to clean! All seams are fully welded, meaning no cracks or crevices that trap dirt and bacteria! All New Age Industrial products carry a Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion, making them superior for refrigerated environments.

Mobile units are available with either 5″ or 6″ casters, with both sizes offering a caster lock option. Available casters are plate (platform) type with a swivel mechanism, sealed from dirt and debris. The mobile shelving units include heavy-duty, threaded plates that are welded to each corner of the base which provides additional strength and stability to the unit as well as a slab to bolt casters to. The wheels are made of polyolefin with a polyurethane tread that provides a smoother, quieter ride, and additional grip for better control and easier maneuvering. Mobile units are built differently than freestanding units, and therefore are only available installed by our factory.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Shelves / RunnersLateralsClearance (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs)Shipping Weight (lbs)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
10213620482434.5150053 $633
10224820482434.5150060 $710
10236020482434.5150065 $792
10247220482434.5150070 $869
10253624482534.5150056 $718
10264824482534.5150063 $791
10276024482534.5150069 $889
10287224482534.5150074 $990
10304220482434.5150056 $766
10314224482534.5150060 $753
10413620603422.5150056 $830
10424820603422.5150067 $933
10436020603422.5150078 $1,046
10447220603422.5150087 $1,167
10453624603522.5150061 $958
10464824603522.5150075 $1,096
10476024603522.5150082 $1,226
10487224603522.5150093 $1,370
10504220603422.5150064 $940
10514224603522.5150075 $1,022
10613620724418.5150065 $1,015
10624820724418.5150083 $1,169
10636020724418.5150091 $1,324
10647220724418.51500111 $1,484
10653624724518.5150071 $1,190
10664824724518.5150085 $1,378
10676024724518.51500102 $1,575
10687224724518.51500117 $1,755
10704220724418.5150080 $1,215
10714224724518.5150081 $1,304

CL(B), CL(C), PP(A)
6″ Plate type casters (C490) – Add “M6″ suffix to model number.
5” Plate type casters (C450) – Add “M5” suffix to model number.
Additional Adjustable Feet – 0117

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