Bulk Carts Frames and Tubs

Save time on transport by loading large quantities of raw materials, finished products or ingredients with this Bulk Tub & Frame Cart. This is the perfect “bulk” cart for every department. It’s equipped with four 5″x 1 3/8″ stem-type polyurethane swivel casters to glide smoothly on floors with effortless mobility. The all welded aluminum, open frame is easy to clean. It’s FDA approvable and suitable for bulk transport of food products. Seamless polyethylene tubs and lids are also FDA approvable and sold separately from the frame.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionCapacityShipping Weight (lbs.)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
0300Tub2.25 Bu, 16.5 Gal8No $286
0360Tub8 Bu, 57 Gal.23No $692
0363Tub6 Bu, 41 Gal17No $616
0381Tub4 Bu, 30 Gal12No $519
0382Tub9 Bu, 66 Gal27No $770
99271DollyN/A22No $548
99272DollyN/A22No $576
99273DollyN/A23No $584
99274DollyN/A26No $618
99521DollyN/A26No $620
0360LLidN/A12.5No $340
0363LLidN/A6No $282
0381LLidN/A9No $253
0382LLidN/A10No $338


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