Dog Waterer

Carry fresh water for use anytime, anywhere. Just fill with water and store it upright for spill-free transport. When placed on the ground and tilted, water is gravity-fed through an opening and the trough fills as your dog drinks, so you won’t have any excess spilling onto the ground. When finished, just pick it up again and the leftover water will drain back into the reservoir. Great for hunting trips, hiking, and on-the-spot travel use when there isn’t an accessible water supply. We recommend that you drain the reservoir regularly in order to minimize corrosion and scale buildup.

Model #:  7170

Size:  8”W x 8”H x 10.5” D.

Weight:  4 lbs.

Heavy Duty, Yet Lightweight – Easy to carry

Convenient – Bowl & Bottle all in one

Rust Proof Aluminum Construction

Perfect for hunting, traveling & crating.

All-Welded Construction – Primary grade aluminum.


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