Lifetime Series Stepped-Angle Roll-In Pan Racks

Product Information

Unrivaled in their user friendly, solid construction, the Lifetime Stepped Angle Roll-In Racks are built for use in roll-in freezers, proofers, refrigerators and retarders. Its heavy-duty construction is made to withstand around-the-clock usage. Angle runners are not adjustable, but they have two full welds on each connection, which is the most in the industry. The four 5” platform type swivel casters allow for easy movement from one area to another. These racks can be used in institutions, correctional facilitates, casinos, hotels, universities, hospitals and more. They fit different sizes of roast and bake pans, steamtable pans, bun pans, service trays, maxi pans and standard gastro-norm pans.

ModelSize W-H-D (in.)Runner Spacing (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)List Price
463525 x 64 x 264 ½842286
463725 x 64 x 2631182884
  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction