Mega Movers

These Mega Movers Carts are FDA compliant. The Heavy wall “all natural white” color has a seamless, molded, polyethylene body. It boasts a smooth finish with rounded corners. They come in 14, 16, 18 or 20 bushel capacities. The tubs and bases are not joined, which allows for easy cleaning.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionCapacityShipping Weight (lbs.)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
0814Tub14 Bu, 17 Cubic Feet, 115 Ga35No$958
0816Tub16 Bu, 18.6 Cubic Feet, 135 Gal38No $1,022
0818Tub18 Bu, 24 Cubic Feet, 155 Gal41No $1,151
0820Tub20 Bu, 25.6 Cubic Feet, 170 Gal46No $1,229
51619Dolly1500 lbs30No$831
51620Dolly1500 lbs30No$836
51621Dolly1500 lbs41No$845
51622Dolly1500 lbs46No$852

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