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Feature specific products to promote quick sell-through and impulse buying of retail items by utilizing a Mobile Merchandiser. This portable, space saving display is ideal for use in retail spaces, supermarkets (grocery stores), and convenience stores (c-stores). They are most often used for seasonal products, grab ‘n go items, impulse buys, clearance or marked down inventory, end caps, featured displays, and a variety of other uses.

The racks can be partially or fully staged in the backroom or on the sales floor and relocated throughout a store. They are used in multiple retail departments and checkout areas to create eye catching displays. Mobile Merchandisers are easily relocated in a quick, efficient manner. They boast an all-welded design and offer both elevated and horizontal positioned display options. These lightweight, mobile units are made from primary grade aluminum. The rectangular, tubular base is secured with four, sheet type gussets and four caster plates welded at each corner. There are four button bumpers riveted to the front of the base.

  • Weight Capacity 1000lbs
  • Upright/Display Dimensions: 43” x 43.5” x 24”
  • Flat/Storage Dimensions: 48” x 19” x 24”
  • All welded aluminum construction, Type 6063-T5.
  • Rectangular tubular base secured with four sheet type gussets with four caster plates welded at each corner and four button bumpers riveted to base front.
  • Deck constructed of four laterals spaced 4¾” apart and a 2” lip welded to hinged end of deck.
  • Stand consists of rounded channel welded perpendicular to length of unit to secure display position.
  • Four platform type casters; consist of two 2” x 5” rigid and two 1⅜” x 5” swivel.


  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction


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