Universal Pizza Pan Racks

The Universal Pizza Pan Racks transport and store pans used for pre-made pizzas, rolled pizza dough or freshly baked pizza pies. They are specifically designed to store pizza pans during the various stages of preparation while accepting a variety of pan size combinations at once. These mobile racks can be easily moved from prep areas to the ovens and other areas. They are equipped with four 5” stem type swivel casters that make these racks more durable and even stronger.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionSubtypeSize W-H-D (in.)Pan/Tray Cap.Shipping Weight (lbs.)List PriceSpec Sheet
97720Pan Size (in.) 12-16Single Wide, Single Deep18.5 x 72 x 16.752037 $1,384
97721Pan Size (in.) 12-16Single Wide, Double Deep18.5 x 72 x 324060 $2,450
97722Pan Size (in.) 10-18Single Wide, Single Deep20.75 x 72 x 16.752047 $1,999
99309Pan Size (in.) 14-18Single Wide, Single Deep20.375 x 72 x 16.752037 $1,236
99310Pan Size (in.) 14-18Single Wide, Double Deep20.375 x 72 x 324062 $2,675
99456N/AVinyl Cover, Single DeepN/AN/A6 $356
99457N/AVinyl Cover, Double DeepN/AN/A6 $402
99970Pan Size (in.) 10-18Table Top Unit12 x 24.125 x 1389 $777


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