Everything You Wanted To Know About Lug Tubs & Dollies But Were Afraid To Ask

In this blog post we are going to discuss lug tubs as well as the equipment used to transport them. What is a lug tub? What are the best features of a lug tub? Where are lug tubs used? We will also discuss some information about casters. New Age Industrial’s equipment is built from 100% primary grade aluminum with no impurities. Our equipment is guaranteed to never rust or corrode.

A lug tub is a rectangle-shaped, 15” wide tote with a reinforced lip that can support a 50 lb weight capacity. This allows the tub to be hung from rails. Another feature of lug tubs is rounded grooves at the bottom which allows for cross stacking on top of other tubs or the tops of carts. The tubs come in multiple colors to segregate different types of products and prevent cross-contamination. Grey tubs are great for facilities or departments where cross-contamination isn’t a concern. Grey doesn’t stain and simplifies purchasing.

A well-engineered lug tub cart (lug dolly) will not only help to easily transport lug tubs, but will also last a long time and is easy to load or unload. Some carts are side-load and some are end-load. Various height options range from one-high to six-high and one-wide up to five-wide. Carts can be designed to support tubs by the base or by the lips and some have two rails on top to store and secure empty lug tubs. There are also slant shelf designs that give easy access to associates which is more ergonomic in a pick-and-fulfillment environment. Lug tub carts are available in all-welded and knocked down options for easy shipping. Multiple caster options are also available.

Casters have many options to consider including mount, material, size and features. Stem casters mount with a stem that goes inside of the leg of the cart are easy to replace, but plate casters that mount with four bolts through a steel plate are far more durable. Caster materials affect load, smoothness of roll and durability. An all-polyolefin wheel is hard but a polyurethane tread is soft and smooth. Stainless steel hardware wont rust or corrode, greatly increasing longevity. Features include swivel, rigid and locking casters. Different configurations allow for mobility and safety to fit your environment.

Lug tubs and lug tub carts are used in many industries like meat processing, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, laundry services and more. This is why New Age Industrial has focused on providing the ability to customize. We understand that every industry and facility is different and has different needs. For more information, feel free to contact your New Age Dealer or browse our catalog online.