These high quality Casters allow for effortless mobility and smooth transport of equipment from one place to another. They are extremely durable and come in a variety of types including swivel, rigid and with brakes. Stem Casters contain a stem at the top of the caster. This secures casters to the bottom of equipment such as racks, carts, shelving and a variety of other products. Plate (Platform) Casters contain a solid plate that is welded to the bottom of the equipment. The casters are then bolted into the plate instead of the equipment frame or tube which allows for even better durability and longevity. Replacement casters can be ordered as well.

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ModelImageDescriptionProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs)List PriceSpec Sheet
C405Stem, Swivel, Polyurethane Wheel3.51.635125 $39
C410Plate, Swivel, Polyolefin Wheel52.634200 $61
C418Plate, Swivel, K-Urethane Wheel6.84.57.5700 $249
C421Plate, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread8.754.59.5900 $187
C430Plate, Swivel, Hi-Temp Wheel (above 400F) $86
C440Stem, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Wheel5.53.388.75300 $75
C447Stem, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Wheel53.57.75200 $101
C450Plate, Swivel, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread5.82.756.5250 $69
C453Plate, Swivel, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread5.82.756.5225 $63
C455Plate, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread5.83.56.5250 $83
C460Plate, Rigid, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread52.756.5250 $75
C461Plate, Swivel, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread6.546.5800 $126
C462Plate, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread6.54.56.5800 $Contact Factory
C463Plate, Rigid, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread546.5800 $Contact Factory
C464Plate, Rigid w/ brake, Polyolefin Hub, TPR Tread5.54.756.5350 $139
C469Plate, Rigid w/ Hex brake, Polyurethane Wheel9.549.51200 $Contact Factory
C480Stem, Swivel, Polyolefin Wheel5.251.88135 $52
C482Stem, Swivel, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread5.52.57.75250 $67
C483Stem, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread5.53.757.75250 $75
C485Stem, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Wheel5.252.388135 $58
C490Plate, Swivel, Polyolefin Wheel6.547.5700 $140
C495Plate, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Wheel6.85.257.5700 $148
C500Plate, Rigid, Polyolefin Wheel647.5700 $102
C510Plate, Swivel, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread74.57.5700 $126
C511Plate, Swivel w/ brake, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread74.87.5700 $179
C513Plate, Swivel, TPR "Softie" A7074.57.5800 $146
C514Plate, Rigid, TPR "Softie" A7064.257.5800 $138
C516Plate, Swivel, Pneumatic85.259.75300 $Contact Factory
C517Plate, Swivel w/ brake, TPR "Softie" A707.254.757.5800 $161
C518Plate, Rigid, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread64.257.5700 $105
C519Plate, Swivel w/ brake, Pneumatic8810300 $Contact Factory
C526Plate, Swivel, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread8.754.59.5900 $176
C527Plate, Rigid, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread84.259.5800 $146
C538Plate, Swivel, TPR Wheel5.253.635250 $76
C539Plate, Swivel w/ brake, TPR Wheel5.254.255250 $124
C548Plate, Rigid, TPR Wheel, Synthetic Rig85.259.75300 $268
C557Stem, Swivel, TPR Wheel, Synthetic Rig5.52.58.25250 $105
C558Stem, Swivel, TPR Wheel, Synthetic Rig5.752.756.5250 $126
C558BStem, Swivel w/ brake, TPR Wheel, Synthetic Rig5.752.756.75250 $148
C559Axle, Flat Free, Steel Hub, Non-Scuff Polyurethane103.7510400 $243
C560Axle, Pneumatic, Steel Hub / 4-ply Rubber10310400 $167
C566Plate, Total Lock, Polyurethane Wheel5.752.56.25300 $91
C598Wheel Only, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread82.58500 $Contact Factory
C616Wheel Only, Polyolefin Hub, Polyurethane Tread62.561000 $Contact Factory
C642Plate, Rigid w/ Hex brake, Polyurethane Wheel84.257.51000 $Contact Factory
C699Plate, Rigid, Spring Loaded856.5800 $Contact Factory

Casters, wheels, and other fastening devices are excluded from our Rust & Corrosion Guarantee.

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