Mat Sanitation Made Easy

If you’re a foodservice director or manager, then you know how important it is to keep your kitchen and service areas clean, including your mats. Sanitation is key to preventing the spread of bacteria and ensuring that your guests have a positive experience. Mats can easily become covered in food debris and dirt, which can lead to food poisoning outbreaks and other health concerns. Luckily, keeping your mats clean and free of contaminants is easier than you might think by utilizing mat carts and racks.
The labor-saving, mobile Mat Carts keep mats off the floor for easy, efficient cleaning. They are ideal for power washing mats on the actual carts. Simply hook the mat onto the cart, wheel it to your sanitation area and hose them down. Then just leave them there to dry. Central horizontal bars and hooks secure solid or perforated mats for storage or cleaning. The open design with an optional platform allows for the use of a trash can or waste container. These carts come in fully welded and knocked down versions.
Our wall mount version of our mat carts is another great option for mat management. It is fully welded and very heavy duty. The racks hang directly to the wall. Simply attach the mats the on the hooks, the same way you would on the carts then spray them down and sanitize. They can be left hanging to dry. They are a great option when storage space is minimal. Both the carts and racks are made from primary grade aluminum, so they will never rust or corrode.
In this article, we’ve discussed the importance of keeping your kitchen and service areas clean including mats. Mats can easily become covered in disgusting dirt and grime when not properly sanitized. New Age Industrial has racks and carts that make it easier to keep mats clean and safe for customers. To learn more about how to implement these products into your restaurant or cafeteria, contact us at [email protected]. Watch this video with Cathy O’Shia, VP of Sales for Foodservice at New Age Industrial, where she demonstrates how to use these products.