New Sliding Door Feature for Security Fences

Completely redesigned for better performance and lower pricing

New Age Industrial has re-designed the sliding door feature on its security fence. The new sliding door has two options. Select either a split door, which separates in the middle, moving both directions or a single door which rolls left to right. The mechanism located toward the top of the fence allows for smooth sliding.

“One of the biggest advantages of the sliding door is that you no longer have to accommodate for extra space when the door swings away from the fence or into the walk-in cooler,” said Cathy O’Shia, VP of Sales, Foodservice. “This is a huge benefit for tight spaces where you need a secure location but don’t have a lot of room.”

A security fence is designed to keep your epicurean products secure in any atmosphere such as backrooms, coolers and freezers. They are custom built with heavy duty aluminum extrusions and bolted together with stainless steel hardware. The slotted panel construction keeps individuals out without hindering the airflow or lighting in a space. The door can be easily padlocked for security. Since it is constructed from primary grade aluminum, it will not rust or corrode.

When ordering a security fence from New Age Industrial, please include the width of the area and the height of the walk-in cooler or storage area. If selecting a hinged door, choose either a left or right hinge and if the door should swing to the interior or exterior. For a sliding door fence, choose either a single or double-door.