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Our Sliding Door Security Fences are designed to keep food and beverages secure in ANY atmosphere and will never rust or corrode. They are ideal for installation in back rooms, coolers, freezers, ghost kitchens, dry storage areas and food courts. New Age Industrial Security Fences are built using heavy-duty, primary grade aluminum extrusions and are bolted together with stainless steel hardware. The slotted panel construction keeps individuals out without hindering air flow or blocking light from entering the space.
When requesting a Security Fence from New Age Industrial, you must provide the height and width of the opening for the fence. Then choose between a single or double sliding door design or a hinged door that swings left or right. If there are special conditions, such as a ceiling mounted condenser or other objects that may require modifications, provide the information and dimensions for them as well. Our Aluminum Security Fences are custom-built to fit the exact dimensions of your space.
  • Rust & Corrosion
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9XXXX0 $Contact Factory

Inside Latch – Add Suffix “XH”
Sliding Double Door – Add Suffix “DSD”
Sliding Single Door – Add Suffix “SSD”

Visit our Options page for more details. Options may not be NSF Certified. Contact the factory for more information.

Please note: Items with a C Lead Time Code are not eligible for return.