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Put A Lock On Your Valuables, Not Your Budget with a Security Fence! Install your own security system with New Age Security Fences. Designed to keep your epicurean products secure, in ANY atmosphere, our fences are ideal for backroom, cooler and freezer installations. Custom built to meet your specific cooler/needs, our Security Fences are built TOUGH with heavy duty aluminum extrusions, and bolted together with stainless steel hardware. Slotted panel construction keeps individuals out, without hindering the flow of air or light into the space. Door is easily padlocked for security. Constructed of Primary grade, rust proof aluminum. Note: When requesting a Security Fence, we must have the HEIGHT & WIDTH of the opening for the fence AND the HINGE POSITION (left or right). If there are special conditions, such as a Ceiling Mounted Condenser or other objects that require the fence to be modified, we need these dimensions as well. We would quote the fence.

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