Our Best-Selling Folding Carts: What are They & How They are Used?

Revolutionizing Heavy-Load Transport

In the material handling and foodservice industries, New Age Industrial stands out as a distinguished manufacturer, consistently delivering innovative solutions to meet diverse industry needs. New Age Industrial, renowned for its commitment to innovation and space optimization, presents a compelling lineup of folding carts designed to streamline heavy-load transportation. Crafted with precision from 100% aluminum, these carts strike the perfect balance between strength and weight. Aluminum, being one-third the weight of steel yet equally resilient, enables easy maneuverability while maintaining impressive load capacities. Every cart is backed by a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion, highlighting our commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Top 3 Folding Carts and Their Applications:

1. Narrow Aisle Stock Truck (53313A): This champion of the folding cart category boasts a spacious 20″ tongue and groove frame for superior durability and optional removable shelves for increased capacity. Ideal for pick-to-tote operations in various industries like pharmaceutical distribution and grocery stores.

2. Folding “L” Cart (95241): Designed for seamless backroom-to-sales floor transport, this cart features a 20″ wide open frame deck and a 1200 lbs capacity. This cart strikes a balance between strength and lightweight for convenient storage. The six-wheel configuration provides a zero-turn radius for maneuverability in narrow aisles and tight spaces in grocery store produce sections or ecommerce order pick and fulfillment centers.

3. Folding Utility Cart (96856): This versatile workhorse tackles demanding tasks and heavy loads across diverse environments, from grocery stores to warehouses. Its six-wheel design and folding handles on both ends facilitate easy navigation in tight spaces. The 1500 lbs weight capacity with swivel and rigid polyurethane casters allow for efficient transportation of large quantities of goods. This cart can efficiently stock a complete area in one trip. Its ability to store upright saves valuable space, and its secure handles lock with a latch for safe folding.

Honorable Mention: Bulk Delivery Truck (BDT18568): This beverage industry powerhouse boasts a 16″ wide tongue and groove frame integrated deck and a 5:1 capacity advantage over standard hand trucks, easily accommodating cases of beverages. Six 8” casters allow smooth gliding over various surfaces. Optional drop-in keg racks transform it into a versatile keg hauler, handling up to 6 full-size kegs or 15 sixth-barrel kegs.

New Age Industrial’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability:

Beyond the inherent strength and maneuverability of aluminum construction, we are committed to sustainability. The utilization of all-aluminum construction not only ensures remarkable durability, but this lightweight material reduces overall environmental impact, aligning with our values and contributing to a greener future.

Embrace Efficiency: Choose New Age Industrial Folding Carts

New Age Industrial folding carts offer exceptional durability, maneuverability, and functionality, catering to diverse industry needs. With a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion, we stand behind our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Explore our extensive range of folding carts today and discover the perfect solution for your specific needs!

New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. They design and manufacture heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum products for various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. The products are easy to customize to fit a customer’s exact needs. For more information, contact New Age today, and their team of experts will be happy to assist you.