Top 10 Best Selling Aluminum Products for Foodservice in Q3

1. Cove Baseboard
Our Aluminum Cove Baseboard prevents chipping, discoloring, and wearing of wall finishes. The aluminum baseboard covers the joint between the floor and the wall which prevents dirt and debris from getting caught in crevices.
It’s easy to clean with soap and water and can be installed in almost any room.

2. Heavy Duty Bun Pan Racks
Pan Racks are space-saving storage solutions used across many foodservice segments including restaurants, bakeries, catering, and supermarkets. These racks are used to store multiple sheet pans or properly cool baked goods in one mobile location. They are also used for food prep such as side dishes and desserts then easily rolled into a walk-in for future use. Our Bun Pan Racks are available in both end loading and side loading styles with an optional vinyl cover.

3. Adjustable Shelving
Our Adjustable Shelving Units are available in both stationary and mobile units and work great in any cold or dry storage situation. The solid, T-bar and heavy-duty shelf types can be mixed and matched to fit your needs. Adjustable Shelving is easy to assemble, requiring only an allen wrench provided with your order. With a Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion and material defects, this shelving system is built to last.

4. Cantilever Shelving
We offer fully adjustable cantilever shelving units that are the perfect solution for cold and dry storage. It’s great for walk-in coolers because it’s guaranteed for life against rust and corrosion. Heavy duty shelving is placed at the bottom for added stability. T-bar and solid shelving are also available for these units. Our Cantilever Shelving comes in free-standing and ceiling/wall mounted styles.

5. Wall Shelving
We offer a large selection of wall mounted shelving units including bus tub wall shelves, inverted shelves, microwave shelves, slanted shelves, solid or T-bar wall shelves and a wall shelf with pot rack. These are ideal for maximizing storage and organization above sinks, stoves and tables. They are designed with solid strip brackets that allow for infinite installation capabilities.

6. Sanitation Stands
Hand Sanitation Stands are imperative for high traffic areas. These portable, heavy-duty stands are made from primary grade aluminum. The Foot-Activated Sanitation Stands are 100% hands free to eliminate cross-contamination. They allow users to apply hand sanitizer to their hands without having to touch the bottle or stand directly. Simply use one foot to apply pressure to the button located at the bottom of the stand and the lever above the sanitizer jug will engage.

7. Produce Crisping Carts
Produce Crisping Carts have storage space for eight crisping baskets to keep produce crisp and fresh. These sturdy mobile units can be filled with produce in the prep area and rolled into the cooler or onto the sales floor. An aluminum drip tray is also included to prevent slip hazards.

8. Lug Dollies
Lug Dollies are used for storage and transportation of high-volume materials. The single-lug dollies are designed to fit directly under a meat grinder and the two-lug dollies are tabletop height. The open corner design allows for easy cleaning and sanitation. Universal Lug Dollies are ideal for transporting and storing items throughout all departments such as produce, bakery, meat and deli. They hold lugs by the bottom, rather than by the lip, to store various sized lugs.

9. Steamtable Pan Racks
New Age Industrial Steamtable Pan Racks are available in both end loading and side loading units. They transport a significant number of pans and products at one time. Extra gussets are welded in all four corners to prevent “racking.” The durable angle runners guide and secure product while the cart is in motion.

10. Dunnage Racks
Heavy Duty Dunnage Racks are great for keeping product organized and off the floor. The legs are permanently sealed with welded aluminum caps. Optional Dunnage Rack Covers have a raised tread and perforated top. This removable sheet nests over the Dunnage Rack frame. Mobile Dunnage Racks allow for transport and storage of merchandise without having to unload. Each unit has an option for a handle for easy transporting of goods.