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Produce Crisping Carts allow for quick and easy access to all crisping baskets. These racks are superior for use in coolers and freezers. They are most often used to transport crisping baskets, rolling them from the prep area straight into the walk-in cooler. These units accept 26” x 29” Nestier©, Buckhorn©, and Lewis© chill baskets. Mobile and stationary carts are both equipped with a drip pan that helps trap moisture and condensation from fresh produce. This safety feature helps reduce the likelihood of slips and falls.

  • Mobile units come equipped with four 5” platform type casters; two swivel (#C450), two swivel w/ brake (#C455).
  • Stationary units come equipped with adjustable feet.
  • Framework is constructed out of 1.5” x 1.5” x .070” wall tubing.
  • Angle runners are constructed out of 1.25” x 1.625” x .100” wall angle.
  • Drip tray is constructed out of .063” aluminum sheet.


  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction


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ModelImageDescriptionSubtypeProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Runner Spacing (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs)NSF CertifiedCurrent Lead TimeList PriceSpec Sheet
0307Produce Crisping Basket292698No

A - 10 Days

13158 BasketsStationary Unit- Equipped With Drip Pan & Adjustable Feet2632.581.510¾”42

B - 13 Days

13168 BasketsMobile Unit — Equipped With Drip Pan2632.586.510¾”60

B - 13 Days

951367 BasketsMobile Unit — Equipped With Drip Pan2632.57610¾”58

B - 13 Days


Please note: Items with a C Lead Time Code are not eligible for return.

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