Types of Wall Shelving

New Age offers a huge selection of wall mounted shelving to maximize storage space and keep things organized above sinks, stoves, tables and other areas. They can be installed multiple ways using the solid strip brackets on the back.

Bus Tub Wall Shelves
Bus Tub Wall Shelves feature a heavy-duty tubular design and are the perfect fit for bus tubs. They have dual levels with a 12-inch clearance between them. Heavy-duty angles are located on the top and bottom for easy installation and rigid design. This T-bar shelving provides good air circulation for stored items.

Inverted Shelves
Inverted Wall Shelves have mounting supports above them rather than underneath giving them more flexibility for positioning them while designing a shelving or storage project. Reinforced T-bars provide a high weight capacity while openings in the shelves promote airflow and allow for proper drainage. These aluminum shelves are great in kitchens above sinks or for pots and pans.

Microwave Shelves
Microwave Shelves are used to house microwaves, toasters, cutting boards or other small appliances. Don’t sacrifice much needed counterspace to store these items. These shelves can also be used in an office setting to store documents, books and other general merchandise.

Slanted T-Bar Shelves
The design of our Slanted T-Bar Shelves allows water to drain through shelves instead of pooling which allows items to dry faster. Lips on three sides, helps secure items from falling. These can also be used to store small bins and still see what is inside of them, due to the angled positioning.

Solid Wall Shelves
Solid Wall Shelves are completely versatile and can be used for a variety of products. These all-aluminum shelves are made from regular 18 GA or12 GA aluminum sheet. The options are endless for these shelves.

T-Bar Wall Shelves
T-Bar Wall Shelves are approved for use in food service applications and medical facilities. They are sanitary and strong, and the reinforced T-Bar shelves are made of aluminum. They are guaranteed to be rust and corrosion resistant for life.

Wall Shelves with Pot Rack
Wall Shelves with Pot Racks are used to store pots, pans and cooking utensils in an easy to reach place. The frame is attached directly to the wall with a single T-bar shelf for storage and a bar with removable hooks that can be spaced differently as needed.