HD Bar Adjust-A-Shelf Heavy Duty Shelving

Adjust-A-Shelf – Heavy Duty Shelves are built with reinforced bars for organizing large, heavy loads. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 2000 pounds. Models are compatible and interchangeable with all series of “Adjust-A-Shelf” shelving. Models listed here are shelves only so remember to select posts and accessories separately. Each complete unit assembles in minutes with only one tool, an allen wrench provided with your order.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageSize D-L (in.)LateralsShipping Weight (lbs.)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
1530HD15 x 3036.2$190
1536HD15 x 3637$195
1542HD15 x 4237.5$206
1548HD15 x 4838.8$213
1554HD15 x 5439.5$226
1560HD15 x 60310.3$239
1566HD15 x 66311.6$268
1572HD15 x 72312$260
1830HD18 x 3047$207
1836HD18 x 3648.7$215
1842HD18 x 4249$228
1848HD18 x 48411.5$247
1854HD18 x 54411.8$254
1860HD18 x 60412.3$301
1866HD18 x 66413.8$314
1872HD18 x 72414.8$320
2030HD20 x 3048.2$210
2036HD20 x 3648.7$215
2042HD20 x 4249.6$226
2048HD20 x 48412.8$247
2054HD20 x 54413.4$257
2060HD20 x 60413.9$276
2066HD20 x 66414.9$294
2072HD20 x 72416.4$320
2096HD20 x 96419$445
2430HD24 x 3059$266
2436HD24 x 36510$287
2442HD24 x 42511.6$301
2448HD24 x 48513.2$322
2454HD24 x 54515$339
2460HD24 x 60517.3$360
2466HD24 x 66518$378
2472HD24 x 72519.6$392
2496HD24 x 96524$487
3030HD30 x 30610.5$321
3036HD30 x 36612.4$343
3048HD30 x 48616.2$390

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