Hand Truck Pallets

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Introducing our Mini Hand Truck Pallets, the perfect solution for optimizing efficiency and product protection during route deliveries. Designed to be used with a hand truck nose plate, these pallets effectively reduce damage to products, isolates them from sharp nosed plates, and leaves a gap between the floor and the pallet interface.

  • Provides an ergonomic way to pick up hand truck load reducing chance for injury
  • Saves time loading your hand truck
  • Protects products and floor from damage
  • Perfect for beverage, pet food, sacked goods, or any products to be delivered via hand truck
  • 100% primary grade aluminum will never rust or corrode

With their compact size and innovative design, these pallets offer a convenient and secure platform for your products. They effectively distribute the weight evenly, preventing any potential imbalances or stress points during transport. This ensures that your goods remain intact and protected throughout the delivery process.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction


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