Shelving Accessories

Design your own New Age Industrial Adjustable Shelving Unit by utilizing these accessories. For use with all of our Adjustable and Adjust-A-Shelf lines of shelving.

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  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionShipping Weight (lbs.)List PriceSpec Sheet
51268Solid Shelf Cover - Single Deep6$354
51270Solid Shelf Cover13$375
51271Solid Shelf Cover18$454
512731/2 Shelf Double Deep25$617
512741/2 Shelf Double Deep32$801
512761/2 Shelf Double Deep36$975
51305Solid Shelf Cover24$724
51328Solid Shelf Cover10$491
514121/2 Shelf Double Deep20$491
51956EZ Panel Regulator Mount, 42" Shelf9$494
52049EZ Panel Regulator Mount, 80" Shelf17$712
52050EZ Panel Regulator Mount, 93" Shelf17$783
52056Solid Shelf Cover12$421
52171EZ Panel Regulator Mount, 48" Shelf12$515
52264EZ Panel Regulator Mount, 60" Shelf13$546
52284EZ Panel Regulator Mount, 72" Shelf14$671
52352Solid Shelf Cover15$431
52354Solid Shelf Cover21$620
523551/2 Shelf Double Deep28$725
524371/2 Shelf Double Deep23$613
52446EZ Panel Regulator Mount, 54" Shelf12$540
95435Solid Shelf Cover - Single Deep6$240
95436Solid Shelf Cover - Single Deep7$289
95437Solid Shelf Cover - Single Deep10$377
96492Solid Shelf Cover - Single Deep5$228
99549Solid Shelf Cover - Single Deep7$Contact Factory
0116Adjustable feet, 15/16" diameter0.5$29
0117Adjustable feet for 1 1/12" square tube0.5$28
0118Adjustable Glide feet, 1/2-13 threaded0.5$13
50313Handle/Desk with Tray14$694
503141-1/2" Tube Handle3$164
50315Trash Can with Hanger13$418
50316Document Tray5$567
2036UBU-Brace for 20" x 36" Shelves4$125
2042UBU-Brace for 20" x 42" Shelves4.9$128
2048UBU-Brace for 20" x 48" Shelves5.5$130
2060UBU-Brace for 20" x 60" Shelves6.8$136
2436UBU-Brace for 24" x 36" Shelves5.1$144
2442UBU-Brace for 24" x 42" Shelves5.8$144
2448UBU-Brace for 24" x 48" Shelves6.6$144
2460UBU-Brace for 24" x 60" Shelves7.9$144
C4405" Stem Type Casters w/ Brakes2.5$75
NS496Countertop or Floor Post Brackets0.5$31
NS885Wall Brackets(Pair)1$46
PC432Pole Clips for H.D. and T-Bar Shelves0.25$28

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