3 Unique Foodservice Carts for Chains

Chain Restaurants are always looking for new ways to provide more efficient service, but also want to make sure the food still tastes good. As a result, they’re increasingly using carts as an alternative kitchen design. This post will introduce 4 unique foodservice carts that chains may want to consider adding into their kitchens!
Fry Thaw Carts, or Fry Basket Racks, are specifically designed to hold fry baskets in the freezer or next to the fryer. This product is available in double or triple basket widths. It comes with a removable drip pan to limit slip hazards and four corner bumpers to protect walls and equipment. It’s equipped with four 3” plate type swivel casters and is NSF Certified.
Order Pick-Up Stations are perfect for online and mobile order operations. They provide a simple point of pick-up for customer take-out, third party delivery services or orders waiting for in-house delivery drivers. The optional label holders encourage effective order organization. As an added benefit, adjustable shelving is showcased in them. Also, the mobility of these units offers additional flexibility for use in other areas of the business. The solid aluminum construction is easy to clean or sanitize. In this demo video Cathy O’Shia, Vice President of Sales for Foodservice, showcases the mobile and stationary options for the order pick-up station and the various uses for them.
Labor-saving, mobile Mat Carts keep mats off the floor for easy, efficient cleaning. They are ideal for power washing mats on the carts. Central horizontal bars and hooks secure solid or perforated mats for storage or cleaning. The open design allows for the use of a waste container. We also have a wall mount mat rack that secures to the wall for mats to be hung for cleaning or drying. This short video also hosted by Cathy O’Shia, demonstrates how they work and discusses the many benefits of having them in your foodservice establishment.

If you want to ensure that your customers have a more enjoyable and convenient experience, consider adding some of these food service carts into your kitchen. These three options will help improve the efficiency and overall customer experience. If you’re looking to explore more of what New Age Industrial has to offer, visit our website or email sales@newageindustrial.com with any questions you may have!