Narrow Aisle Picking Made Easy

The New Age Industrial #99555 Ladder Carts are a perfect solution for narrow aisle picking and fulfillment within manual picking operations. One of the most notable features of these ladder carts are the continuous grip handles. They are designed to safely ascend and descend on and off of the ladder. The extra wide steps are welded and bolted into place and fitted with non-slip friction tape for added safety. Also, the extended push handles are a real shin saver.
The heavy duty, spring-loaded ladder features full contact, rubber stops on the bottom to limit cart movement while someone is on the ladder. For stability, it comes into complete contact with the ground instead of at an angle, setting it apart from other ladder carts. When stepping onto the ladder, the rubber stops will engage, and the dual grips provide something to hold onto. This is key for added safety when climbing up high for hard-to-reach products. The bottom leg that houses the rubber stops, is completely replaceable. As an added perk, these ladder carts have an all-welded cap, which helps with wear and tear on the cap.
We equip these ladder carts with 5” x 2” casters, 2 rigid and 2 swivel. They are lightweight and completely mobile which makes them easy to push through narrow aisle environments. We produce multiple sizes and styles of our ladder carts and can go up to 5 steps high.
New Age Industrial is the only extruder and fabricator that builds material handling equipment in the United States. We have an extrusion press on site and use primary grade aluminum to ensure maximum strength and corrosion resistance. We have a staff of engineers to aid in the order process from concept to completion. What makes New Age Industrial so unique is our ability to completely customize items to exact specs and build them in our own facility, providing unlimited flexibility. Don’t compromise, customize.
Check out this product demo video featuring our #99555 Ladder Carts!